Tail-wags all around town

We offer the best grooming services, according to a few puppy testimonials.


Experience that matters

Our grooming professionals have years of experience servicing thousands of pets

Full-Service Grooming

Our groomers treat your pet with love, support, and respect while providing first-class, luxury grooming services.


Bath Spa Package

From short to long hair pets, we can take care of any bad fur day using industry-level salon equipment and accessories.


What's Included In Our
Full-Grooming Package:

Tearless Face Wash

Some need a beauty sleep, but many need a face wash

Nail Trimming

We're nail clipping and nail filing specialists

Custom Shampoo

We select  bath solutions depending on the pet type

Coat Conditioning

We aim for two keywords for your pet: silky and smooth

Sanitary Trim

We offer shaving around sensitive/private areas

Anal Gland Expression

We'll take care of the anal glands so you don't have to

Brush + De-Shedding

Let us cater to your pets every needs and beyond

Paw Pad Hydration

Cracked, peeling or dry paws? We'll care for them

Ear Cleaning

We'll clean your pets ears, quick and clean

Blow Out and Fluff

Your pet will get executive-level hair fluffing and care

Full Haircut

Your pet will turn heads with our full-body haircut

Body Mist or Cologne

We will make your furry friend feel cared for

Additional Services:

Teeth Brushing

Your pets' smile will shine with fresh teeth brushing

Breath Refreshment

We know dog breath, so we'll take care of it for you

Per-Breed Bath

Bath solutions will depend on breed size and weight

Payment is due at the time of service. Alphapet City accepts Cash or Credit Card. Any cancellation fees are due before your following appointment date.

In order for us to provide the best service possible and keep our furry clients in their best shape, we recommend a 2-weeks recurring appointment. As needed, appointments are NOT always guaranteed. As per insurance, employees of Alphapet City are not liable for coverage of customers. At this time, we are unable to groom cats. Please check back with us on this! We also have a disclosed cancellation fee per customer basis.

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